Argentinean artist Fernando O’Connor started his career as a hyperrealist painter in the early 90’s as a result of his interest in the human figure. In time, that interest spread to other shapes and forms. Today, O’Connor’s work reflects the marriage of these two interests as it remains consistently evident in the unique composition of each paintings.
O’Connor continues to live and work in Buenos Aires.

2012 “BRAVURAS” Paseo de las Artes, Palacio Duhau – Park Hyatt, Bs. As.
2010 -Daniel Maman Fine Arts, Argentina.
-Exactitude, Plus One Gallery, London, England.
2009 -arteBA, Buenos Aires, Daniel Maman Fine Arts, Argentina.
2008 -Art London, Pus One Gallery, England.
-Summershow, Plus One Gallery, London, England.
2004 “Escenas cotidianas” Galería Espacio Ag., Bs. As.
2002 “Retratos del Cuerpo” Galeria VYP, Bs. As.
1999 -Galería VYP, Bs. As.
-“Pinturas previas” Galería VYP, Bs. As.
1997 -Observatoire 4. Gallery – Montréal. Canadá.
-“Arquetipos y Bestiones”. Auspiciado por el Museo de Arte Contemporáneo,
Centro Cultural Recoleta. Bs. As.