Intersections – Collective show of Latin American Artists

November 2016 – January 2017

 A selection of works by Fernando Botero, Carlos Cruz-Diez, León Ferrari, Vik Muñiz, Guillermo Kuitca, Nicolás Leiva and Julio Le Parc and Jacques Bedel.

Nicolas Leiva – Recent Works

February – March 2017

The exhibition will showcase unique polychrome ceramic pieces and installations produced by Argentine artist(s), living in the USA, Nicolás Leiva.


JACQUES BEDEL – In Praise of Shadows / April – July 2017

The exhibition will show his most recent photographic work covering both urban and landscape topics. The unique photographs of Jacques Bedel can not be reduced to their materiality: using the shadow, the artist exceeds and blurs the limits of his pieces and turns them into ineffable objects.

FERNANDO BOTERO – Dibujos, acuarelas y carbonillas / August – October 2017

A selection of works of Latin American master Fernando Botero.



Toys – Luis Wells

November 2016 – January 2017

In the mid 60´s the Argentine artist, Luis Wells conceived the Toys, objects made from painted cardboard and woods that formed geometric structures of two or three parts. Each part could be interchanged and placed in a different position, making it possible for the spectators to handle the pieces and get involved with the works of art.

Concretos y Cinéticos – Group Show

September – November 2016

A selection of works from Latin-American artists from the 50´s to the 80´s that work within the realm of concrete and kinetic art: Raúl Lozza, Enio Iommi, Carlos Cruz Diez, Antonio Asis, Norberto Gómez and Julio Le Parc.


American Dreams – Miguel Herrera (1953)

July – September 2016

The wooden reliefs of Uruguayan artist, Miguel Herrera relate to the photojournalism and the photograph style of the Life Magazine interviews from the 60´s.