MISO CHIC 2016 –

Kick Off Party Miso Chic 2016

Maman Fine Art hosted the Kick off for this year’s MISO CHIC – The Miami Symphony Orchestra’s most coveted event by lovers of Music, Art & Philanthropy held at the Adrienne Arsht Center on Sunday, November 20th.The evening showcased works by Iran Issa-Khan, Nicolas Leiva, Lucia Maman, Julio Le Parc and Vik Muniz among others. Petit Pois Catering + Design provided equally artistic libations and a curated culinary experience. Notables gathered from near and far in support of this year’s concert which will benefit Voices for Children and No More Tears – a charitie that support victims of sexual abuse, domestic violence and human trafficking.

– From World Red Eye / Photography by Alejandro Chavarria on November 20th, 2016 in Lifestyle

Source: http://worldredeye.com/2016/11/maman-fine-art-hosts-miso-chic-kick-off/


MISO CHIC 2015 – American Developing Smiles (ADS)

Kick-Off with the Miami Symphony Orcherstra, Nicolás Felizola and Daniel Maman

America Developing Smiles and Maman Fine Art present MISO CHIC, a celebration where music meets fashion and arts to give attendees an immersive multimedia experience! A visual feast with ultra large screens that show beautiful images in total harmony with the music. Lights and images will follow the orchestra in total synchronicity, accompanied by beautiful top models live on stage showcasing Nicolas Felizola‘s new collection: Vibrations. People will enjoy a unique opportunity to see Miami Symphony Orchestra conductor, Eduardo Marturet, assembling all pieces together in front of their eyes!



Art, Fashion, & Jewelry

Hosted by Merrill Lynch Wealth Management / April 20, 2015

Merrill Lynch Wealth Management hosted a private trunk show featuring luxury designers Nicolas Felizola and Irene Zingg at the Maman Fine Art Gallery in Miami. The evening began with a private viewing of the Maman Gallery and the Sazingg 2015 Winter Collection, as guests were invited to model Sazingg’s one of a kind designs and exquisite gemstones. A brief presentation on The Passion for Luxury Assets was given by Bank of America credit executive John Arena, following which, guests experienced a runway show highlighting key pieces of couture from the Felizola Privé collection. The exclusive fete was hosted by Andres de Corral, Thomas Butler, Rolando Handal, Euclides Moreno, Carmen Richards and Elizabeth van Walleghem.

SOURCE: http://worldredeye.com/2015/04/art-fashion-jewelry-hosted-by-merrill-lynch-wealth-management/
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The Unvilling Of ‘Torsion’ and “Sphere 4” by Julio Le Parc / December 1, 2014

Julio Le Parc, the renowned Argentinean artist and one of the pioneers of Kinetic and Op Art, made his mark on Miami Brickell Heights with developer and collector Jorge Perez during a private unveiling of two iconic sculptures “Torsion 1” and “Sphère Rouge.” The installations will become the centerpiece of The Related Group’s public art project, and will go on permanent display at ONEBrickell.


PINTA 2014

Latin American Art Fair / December 3 – 7, 2014 / Midtown Miami – Wynwood

Exhibited Artists: Fernando Botero, Raúl Lozz, Alejandro Puente, Carlos Cruz Diez, León Ferrari, Enio Iommi, Julio Le Parc and Liliana Porter.



October 24, 2013

Maman Fine Art Gallery, open it’s first US gallery located in the heart of Miami’s Design District. The Gallery’s is focus in both Modern and Contemporary Art, and it will exhibit in its new space historic Latin American artworks of Concrete, Geometric, and Kinetic Art. It will also showcase the work of contemporary Argentinean artists who are part of the international art scene: Leon Ferrari, Guillermo Kuitca, Alberto Greco Liliana Porter, Nicola Constantino and Fernando Canovas. I addition, the gallery will focus on the works of Figurative and Neo Figurative painters, such as Colombian artist Fernando Botero, Argentinean group Mondongo, and artist Daniel Scheimberg.

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