Biography (1988)

“A particular artwork is not just a thing, it is also a person. It has a soul. “This quote of the philosopher and essayist Agnes Heller fits perfect to the work of Lucía Maman.
Lucía is a young 23 years old self-taught artist who has already two solo exhibitions to her credit. Lucia hits the canvas with the momentum and the rapture of someone her age, but with the certainty and direction of those who have marched a long path and know what they’re doing. In her painting, the emotionality of the figuration is contrasted with an intense and purposeful brushstroke that stifles any slant of melancholy.
Lucía’s painting is anachronistic in the best sense, and perhaps, that has much to do with the fact that her school, far from being contemporary, is almost museological. Her eyes are definitely forged by noble matter, as a child she grew among the works of great masters of modern painting, which guided her as unconscious mentors to create her own universe of textures and living people.
Her works are in important private collections of Argentina, United States, Mexico, France, and Beirut.

Selected exhibitions

2010: Alteraciones, en el Espacio de Arte AMIA, Buenos Aires.
2011: Galería Braga Menedez Arte Contemporáneo, Buenos Aires.
2011: Galería MAMAN Fine Art, Buenos Aires.