Biography (1931)

Rómulo Macció was born in 1931. A self-taught painter, he worked in advertising and graphic design since 1945. He had his first show in 1956 with surrealist canvases and two years later in 1958 he joined the group Boa that defended, in a continuity of the bretonian postulates, the “automatic gestures” through this way Macció got close to informalist art. At the end of 1961, with Ernesto Deira, Luis Felipe Noé and Jorge de la Vega, he began the Neofigurative movement; together they organized eight expositions between 1962 and 1965. Macció received, in 1963, the Premio Internacional Torcuato Di Tella, in front of the Belgian Pierre Alechinsky (ex CoBrA) and the Spanish Antonio Saura, among others and in 1967, the Great Honor Prize in the LVII “Salón Nacional de Artes Plásticas”.

Selected exhibitions

1967: Di Tella Institute, Buenos Aires.
1969: Center of Interamerican Relations, Nueva York.
1976: Modern Art Museum, México DF.
1977: Modern Art Museum, Paris.
1987: National Halls, Buenos Aires.
1990: Saint Jean Hall, Hotel de Ville, Paris.
1991: Castello Sforzesco, Viscontea Hall, Milán.
1996: Cuevas Museum, México DF.
1997: PROA Foundation, Buenos Aires.
1999: Recoleta Cultural Centre, Buenos Aires.
2001: MAMAN Fine Art Gallery, Buenos Aires.