Arte Concreto- Argentine Concrete Art

Raul Lozza (1911- 2008) was co- founder in 1947 of the Asociación Arte Concreto Invención, one of the first tendencies of the Argentine abstract avant-garde. In 1947 he separated from the Asociation to create his own movement called Perceptism, in which his brother, Rembrandt V.D. Lozza and Abraham Haber (art critic) were also active.

The corollary of Lozza ‘s studies and experiments takes up seven as yet unedited volumes covering his Structural theory of colour, which he sent to La Sorbonne together with the results of his research. The “qualimetry of the flat form” is an equation he discovered in 1947 which creates relationships between the angles and lines of coloured forms and serves to give colour planes certain values within the picture.

He was part of the II Bienal International de San Pablo. He participated in the anthological expositions of Argentine constructivism: Del Arte concreto a la nueva tendencia (Museum of Modern Art, Argentina, 1963), Homenaje a la Vanguardia argentina de la década del cuarenta (Galería Arte Nuevo, Argentina, 1976). Vanguardia de la década del cuarenta. Arte Concreto Madi-Invención. Arte Madí. Perceptismo (Museo Sivori, Argentina, 1980), Arte Concreto Invención 1945. Grupo Madí 1946 (Rachel Adler Gallery, New York, 1990), Abstract art from Río de la Plata. Buenos Aires and Montevideo 1933-53 (The Americas Society, New York, in 2001).