Kirin / Carlos Del’Agostino
Born in the city of Bahia Blanca, Argentina, in 1953. He is self-taught.
His first exhibition took place in 1978. His work is made up mostly of paintings, objects and collages.
He has done recordings of sonorous art, from the construction of musical instruments, being sound another territory of interest for him to explore.

 Individuals exhibitions and art fairs (selection)
1991 Galería Van Riel, Buenos Aires, Argentina
1994 ArteBa Fair, Galería Van Riel, Buenos Aires, Argentina
1996 Galería sur, Punta del Este, Uruguay
2001 Arco. Galería Sur, Spain
2006 ArteBa Daniel Maman Fine Art
2007 Daniel Maman Fine Art, Punta del Este Uruguay
2014 Daniel Maman Fine Art. Buenos Aires. Argentina