Biography (1945)

Mario Gurfein was born in Buenos aires in1945. In 1953 he began to study violin with Ljerko Spiller and painting at the Mutualidad de Estudiantes y Egresados de Bellas Artes. Three years later, he abandoned the violin for a chance to begin working with Juan Batlle Planas whom he assisted in the creation of various murals. Between 1963 and 1964 he worked on a cargo ship and went to southern Europe for the first time. Since 1965, sporadically, he has acted as decorator and costume designer for various theater shows. He lived in Paris and Milan between 1967 and 1969 before settling in Paris in 1980.

Selected Exhibitions

1965: Lirolay Gallery, Buenos Aires.
1967: Guernica Gallery, Buenos Aires.
1976: Art Gallery International, Buenos Aires.
1984: Alberto Elia Gallery, Buenos Aires.
1985: Jean Briance Gallery, Paris.
1985: Le Salon d’Art, Bruxelles.
1988: Minotauro Gallery, Caracas.
1991: Lina Davidov Gallery, Paris.
1997: “Itinerario”, Recoleta’s Cultural Center, Buenos Aires.
1999: Argentine Gallery, Paris.
2000: Pascal Gabert Gallery, Paris.
2002: Praxis International Art, Miami.          
2003: Maison de L’Amérique Latine, Paris.
2004: National Museum of Fine Arts, Buenos Aires.
2006: UNESCO, dans le cadre du Salon du Livre Latinoaméricain, Paris.
2006: MAMAN Fine Art Gallery, Buenos Aires.

Selected Awards

1963: Painting First Prize, Argentine Hebrew Association, Buenos Aires.
1967: Braque Painting Prize, Buenos Aires.
1968: Braque Drawing Prize, Buenos Aires.
1969: Premio San Fedele de Pittura, Milán, Italia
1994: Fortabat Prize, Maison de L’Amerique-Latine, Paris, Francia.