Biography (1941)

Norberto Gomez was born in Buenos Aires, on March 2 1941. Son of Spanish immigrants. In 1954 he joins Manuel Belgrano Fine Arts School. In 1956 he abandons the school in disagreement with the formal teaching methods. His experience in the construction and decoration of stands, publicity ads, and film marquees (he uses graphic techniques, carpentry – his father was a cabinetmaker – and plastic materials) allowed him to develop his sculptural work. In 1965 he travels to Europe, and in Paris he worked in Julio Le Parc workshop, collaborating in the development of his kinetic work. Approximately for two years he went all over Europe in an educational trip without allowing any influence of the great masters, trying to maintain his artistic freedom. In 1966 he returns to Buenos Aires.

Selected exhibitions

1967: Galería Arte Nuevo, Buenos Aires.
1968: Galería Arte Nuevo, Buenos Aires.
1976: Galería Carmen Waugh, Buenos Aires. Objects and drawings.
1978: Galería Arte Nuevo, Buenos Aires. Objects.
1979: Galería ELE, Modern Art Studio, Córdoba.
1980: Estudio Giesso, Buenos Aires. Drawings and sculptures 79/80.
1982: Centro de Arte y Comunicación (CAYC), Buenos Aires.
1983: Galería Tema, Buenos Aires. “Anuncio y Asunción”.
1984: Galería Tema, Buenos Aires. “Por amor al arte”.
1985: Galería Vea, Buenos Aires.
1986: Sivori Museum, Buenos Aires.
1990: Galería Ruth Benzacar, Buenos Aires.
1990: Centro Cultural Recoleta, Buenos Aires. One sculpture (Sponsored by Página 12 newspaper).
1991: Fawbush Gallery, Nueva York, United States. Argetine art in New York.
1995: Modern Art Museum, Buenos Aires. “20 years”.
2000: Galería Ruth Benzacar.
2003: Galería Daniel Maman Fine Art

Selected Awards

1976: Marcelo de Ridder award. (sculpture)
1980: International Art Crtics Association Award, Argentina. (Drawing)
1981: Sculpture Award. I Biennial of Art, Montevideo, Uruguay.
1982: “Artist of the year”, given by the Argetinian Art Crtics Association.
1991: John Simon Guggenheim Grant.
1992: Konex award for visual arts.
1995: Marechal award, MOdern Art Museum, Buenos Aires.
2000: Trajectory award. Cinquantenaire of the Argetinian Art Crtics Association.
2002: Konex award for visual arts.
2002: Leonardo’s Trajectory award. National Museum of Fine Arts, Buenos Aires.