Biography (1960)

He was born in Buenos Aires, in 1960. In his youth, after feeling strongly oppressed by the socio-political situation in Argentina he exiled himself voluntarily to France. He studied at the Ecole de Beauxs Arts de Paris and received lessons from Belgium artist Pierre Alechinsky. The friendship he established with Roberto Matta while living in France influenced him greatly. In his works he shows a deep concern about space and time, he intends to capture them and as a result his paintings emanate a strong sensation of vertigo and have a no-space and no-time feeling. In his last spatial projections, he incorporates collage to his compositions to take the image into the three-dimensional world. He currently lives between Buenos Aires, Paris and New York.

Selected Solo Exhibitions:

2012. Canovas – Polaridades, Cronopios Hall, Recoleta Cultural Center (CCR), Buenos Aires, Argentina.
2007: MAMAN Fine Art Gallery, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
2007: Fernando Canovas,IVAM Museum, Valencia, Spain.
2006: Knew Gallery, Washington DC, United States.
2005: Krampf-Pei Gallery, New York, NY, United Sates.
2003: La Rairie Cultural Center, Nantes, France
2002: Jacob Karpio Gallery, San Jose, Costa Rica.
2001: Il Gabbiano Gallery, Rome, Italy.
2001: Galerie Piece Unique, Paris, France.
2000: Jacob Karpio Gallery, San Jose, Costa Rica.
1999: Canovas: 13 Años, La Mercé Cultural Center, Burriana, Spain.
1999: Annina Nosei Gallery, NY, United Sates.
1998: Canovas: 13 Años, Valencia City Museum, Spain.
1997: Canovas: 13 Años, National Museum of Fine Arts, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
1995: Michel Luneau Gallery, Bruges, Belgium.
1995: Loft Gallery, Paris, France.
1995: Patricia Dorfmann Gallery, Paris, France.
1995: Julia Lublin Gallery, Miami, FL, United States.
1994: CAYC, Art and Communication Center, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
1992: Michel Luneau Gallery, Bruxelles, Belgium.
1989: Erval Gallery, Foire de Francfort, Francfort, Germany.
1988: Alberto Elia Gallery, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
1986: Erval Gallery, Paris, France.
1984. Debert Gallery, Paris, France.
1980. Lirolay Gallery, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Awards and Prizes:
1990. First Prize, Maison De L’Amerique Latine, Fondation Fortabat, Paris, France.