Alberto Bastón Diaz was born in Buenos Aires in 1946. He studied at the Fine Arts School Manuel Belgrano and continued his education in France at the École Nationale Supérierure des Beaux-Arts and the École Practique des Hautes Études de La Sorbonne. He also attended Victor Vassarely studio. In 1977, after 7 years in Paris, he returned to Buenos Aires, abandoned his life as artist. He would worked for almost a decade as a tool and die maker. In the late 80´s he began sculpturing again, this time, doing monumental pieces. Beyond the themes of a nostalgic immigrant life his powerful and solid pieces evoke, his creations are deeply and undoubtedly rooted, in the sculptural constructivism of Max Bill, Naum Gabo and Antón Pevsner. He currently lives and works in Buenos Aires.

Awards and Prizes

2002. Sculpture Prize, Konex: Quinquenio 1997-200, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
1998.  First Prize Sculpture, Henry Moore Fondation, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
1998.  First Prize, Alberto J. Trabucco Fondation, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
1995.  First Prize Monumental Sculpture, Fundación Banco República, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
1993.  Grand Prize of Honor, National Hall of Fine Arts, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
1992. First Prize Sculpture, National Hall of Fine Arts, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
1997. First Prize Monumental Sculpture, National Institute of Technologic Education (INTE), Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Solo Exhibitions

2012. La Persistencia del Sueño, Hoy en el Arte Gallery, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
2010. Restos y Encuentros de la Ribera, Emilio Caraffa Museum, Córdoba, Argentina.
2009. Paseo de las Esculturas, Rubén Darío Park, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
2005. Modelos para des-armar, MAMAN Fine Art Gallery, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
2000. International Simposium of Monumental Sculptures, Ciudad Empresarial, Santiago de Chile, Chile.
1997. National Arts Fund, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
1994.  Ática Gallery, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
1989. Banco Patricios Foundation, Buenos Aires, Argentina.